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RSA – Provide responsible service of alcohol

Get the skills and expertise you’ll need to be able to provide customers and patrons with the responsible service of alcohol with Skills Training College’s comprehensive RSA course.

Course Length:

4 Hrs

Students Assessment:

Written assessment



SITHFAB002 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

Superseded By SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol

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Why Skills Training College?

Skills Training College knows that what you want from an RSA, responsible service of alcohol course is professional trainers, great prices and convenient locations. What’s more, we are short course specialists committed to making sure that you get the best first aid training in the shortest possible time.

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RSA training at your workplace, we even offer First Aid, if you looking for a course

What is RSA training?

RSA – or more formally, the Responsible Service of Alcohol, is a term that refers to providing alcohol to members of the public in a safe and responsible way. It includes the concept of duty of care – ensuring that steps are taken to encourage drinking in a manner that protects and respects staff and other customers. The government’s goal in setting up the RSA training standard is to prevent alcohol abuse and negative drinking culture by promoting a healthy alternative.

If you’re working in Australia in any role involving the service of alcohol (including bar workers, catering staff, airline personnel, or waiters), you’re required to have formal RSA training. This is part of the federal government’s National alcohol strategy. Under this strategy, state and territory governments are implementing programs and legislation to minimise the negative effects of alcohol on minors and other vulnerable groups within our society. Mandatory training in RSA is just one piece of this larger picture.

The course – officially known as SITHFAB021 – Provide responsible service of alcohol and is Nationally Recognised. The training can only be provided by a registered Australian RTO and is designed on a state-by-state basis – working with the specific alcohol regulations in force in each state or territory.

Regardless of the government regulations around it, the core principle of RSA is duty of care – the understanding that managers and staff are responsible for preventing reckless consumption of alcohol wherever possible and discouraging drunk and disorderly behaviour. As part of this, the course provides training on the effects of alcohol on the human body, exactly what a “Standard Drink” is (and why that’s important), and how to refuse alcohol service in a safe and respectful manner.

STC Statement of Attainment

Who needs to do RSA training to work?

If you’re in any way involved with the provision or sale of alcohol, you’re generally going to need to have completed RSA training. This applies to food and beverage attendants, security staff working at licenced premises, cellar door staff, and sales representatives for an alcohol supplier. Each one of those staff must understand what’s involved with providing alcohol in a responsible and safe way.

How long does it take to complete RSA training?

Skills Training College’s Provide responsible service of alcohol course is provided as a single, face-to-face seminar over the course of 4 hours. The course is specifically set up to cover the specific regulations for your state. It will equip you with all the skills and learning you need to provide alcohol to patrons in a professional context.

Skills Training College runs training at a variety of venues. To find out training dates and times near you, get in touch with us via email, or through the contact page.

How soon do I need to do an RSA course?

If you’re working in the liquor or gaming industry within Australia, it’s generally a mandatory requirement that you’ve completed an RSA certificate – or are on your way to completing one. However, the requirements differ depending on the state or territory where you’re based, and there’s often a grace period after commencing work before the training becomes an official requirement of employment. You should make sure you’re familiar with the standards for your region.

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